I've been laz- ...err, busy.

God, I haven't posted here in a while. My S40's currently in the shop for a bit of just-before-going-out-of-warranty repair, and I haven't scanned anything in a while either (been quite busy with moving and such.) My apologies.
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I'm not normally much for Harleys, but I like how this came out. From a night photography outing with the SFU club back in February.

SFU view, and spring

Double-header today.

First, a view off the north side of Burnaby Mountain.

Second, the first cherry blossoms of spring! I apologize for the size of this one, but I couldn't get the file size any smaller without sacrificing a whole lot of quality.


If I'd remembered to take my camera along today, you'd be looking at pictures of Sikh swordfighting in the Convocation Mall.

I didn't, though.